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10 October 2013 - Central African Republic - Interview of Mr. Gérard Araud, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, with France 24

The African Union decided to send a force to the Central African Republic to restore law and order in Bangui and its neighborhood and they need support. So what we did is supporting the Africans in their handover. Secondly we are asking the UN Secretary-General to say which form of support the UN is able to provide to this African force. So in three-four weeks, we will have a report of the Secretary-General and we will decide what we are going to do.

There are two ways to help the Africans. Either through a trust fund, money coming from different countries, or creating a peacekeeping operation. We will have to decide it through a dialogue with the African Union since it is the Africans who decided to send a force.

Q: So the details of the kind of support the UN can provide would be settled before the next resolution. The next resolution is scheduled before mid-November. Is that fast enough?

The problem is that Central African Republic is on the front page of no newspaper in the world but in France and in Africa. So we have a lot of work in mobilizing the international community.

The second point is that the Africans are acting. The first elements on the African contingent are arriving in Bangui. It is very important that we work with the Africans. The African Union believes, and we support it, that it is to the Africans to solve the African problems. We are acting in this framework. We want to provide support to the Africans; we are not on the front line. It is to the Africans to tell us what they need and we are going to work with them in the coming weeks.

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