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23 December 2009 - Guinea - Interview given by Nicolas de Rivière, Chargé d’affaires a.i. of France to the United Nations, to Radio France Internationale

(Translated from French)

Nicolas de Rivière, you have just come out of a session of consultations with the Security Council on Guinea. How did it go?

The Security Council must examine the situation in Guinea; the situation is serious and tense. As you know, the international commission of inquiry has issued its report on the events that took place on September 28. The report is utterly damning; it talks about crimes against humanity. It mentions the names of five individuals, including Captain Camara. The Security Council must play a full role in this matter; that is why France would like it to take urgent action with regard to the issue. The Security Council will remain seized of the issue and will meet again to discuss the matter in the near future. We urge the UN Secretary-General to make this report public. We would like the Security Council to send this report to the International Criminal Court; it would like the ICC to investigate the matter.

Do you welcome the Security Council’s reluctance to talk about this issue? It’s the second time that you’ve tried to talk about it and the second time that certain countries, in particular Russia, have raised objections about the process, for example, the lack of a translation of the report.

I don’t think there is any reluctance. The members of the Security Council must be able to examine the report. For the moment, for entirely technical reasons, there is no French version of the report and I think that the 15 members of the Security Council should be able to examine the report which is 60 pages long and very legal and technical in nature. In order for the Security Council to be able to carefully examine this report in detail, then everyone must have it very quickly so that we can take action.

What is the Security Council’s next step? Sanctions against Dadis Camara and those close to him?

We will see. That is an option. The next step is another meeting once the report is available in all languages - as quickly as possible, we hope. Then, a collective decision by the Security Council, the general idea being that impunity is not an option.

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