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9 June 2010 - Iran - Adoption of the resolution establishing sanctions - Interview of M. Gérard Araud, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, with France 24

Q. Is France satisfied, do you think that the sanctions that were voted today are tough enough?

It is a very strong resolution. Of course I do agree with President Obama, it is a much stronger resolution than the three previous ones.

Q. The fact that major players such as Turkey and Brazil voted no today, does that though take away for the strength of this move?

No, I think we have a tactical disagreement with our Brazilian and Turkish friends. We don’t doubt their intentions. They thought that we could have waited a while before going to sanctions, but like we do, they don’t want to have a military nuclear Iran.

Q. Some commentators are pointing out that the first three rounds of sanctions on Iran were perhaps not effective enough. Do you think that this time the sanction will be tougher and more effective?

The sanctions are not an end in themselves. What we are looking is to open a negotiation with the Iranians. We went to sanctions because the Iranians have not so far answered to our call for negotiations. So we do hope that this time they will hear what we are asking for. Secondly, the sanctions make more difficult the acquisition of crucial technologies by the Iranians.

Q. One last question for you M. Araud: Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says these sanctions should be thrown into the trash. What is your answer to that?

My answer is: let’s negotiate. This rhetoric is totally useless. All the international community is concerned, China, Russia, it is not the West against Iran. Let’s negotiate about your nuclear program.

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