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6 August 2012 - Agreement between Sudan and South Sudan

Statement by the Deputy Spokesman of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

France welcomes the August 3 signature of an agreement between Sudan and South Sudan concerning oil. It is an encouraging sign that proves that compromise is possible, to the benefit of both nations, and which should enable them to help populations strongly affected by the economic crisis.

France also welcomes the Sudanese government’s acceptance of the tripartite UN-AU-Arab League proposal, which should facilitate the distribution of humanitarian relief throughout the South Kordofan and Blue Nile regions. It urges them to concretely implement this agreement as swiftly as possible.

Nevertheless, France remains concerned by the lack of an agreement on many other aspects of the negotiations between Sudan and South Sudan, despite the expiration of the August 2 deadline set by the African Union and the UN Security Council. All eyes are now on the leaders of the two countries. Reaching a comprehensive agreement is truly an urgent matter. For the leaders of the two countries, the major remaining challenge consists of taking the necessary political decisions in the interest of their two countries, their people and Africa as a whole. It is time for the two leaders to show that they can and want to succeed.

France applauds the extraordinary effort by the African Union and the High-level Panel led by President Mbeki to resolve the dispute between Sudan and South Sudan, and particularly the tireless efforts of Presidents Mbeki, Buyoya and Abubakar. It is a strong symbol of Africa’s determination to resolve the crises affecting it on its own, and France welcomes this determination.

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