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9 August 2012 - Somalia - Security Council Press statement

The Members of the Security Council welcome recent progress in completing the tasks outlined in the Roadmap to end the Transition in Somalia. They particularly welcome the National Constituent Assembly’s adoption of the new Somali provisional constitution.

The Members of the Security Council consider that the adoption of the provisional constitution represents an important milestone in Somalia’s transition to more stable and accountable governance.

They call upon all participants in the Transition process to ensure that the selection of the members of the new Parliament happens as quickly as possible, and in a transparent manner. The Members of the Security Council underline the importance of the Technical Selection Committee being able to carry out its important role in selecting the Members of the new Parliament without fear of violence or intimidation.

The Members of the Security Council strongly condemn ongoing attempts, including by Al-Shabaab, to undermine the Transition process. They recall in this regard the Security Council’s willingness to take measures against both internal and external actors engaged in actions aimed at undermining the peace and reconciliation process.

The Members of the Council commend AMISOM and the Somali National Forces for their bravery and for their vital role in providing a more secure environment for the Somalia Roadmap Signatories to deliver the Transition. They reiterate the importance of the Somali authorities establishing legitimate governance systems swiftly in those areas previously controlled by Al Shabaab and other armed groups.

The Members of the Council reaffirm their respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and unity of Somalia, and reiterate their commitment to a comprehensive and lasting settlement of the situation in Somalia.

The Members of the Security Council call on all the Signatories, as well as the incoming members of Parliament, to fulfil the remaining tasks in the Roadmap swiftly, and in a fair and transparent manner. The Members of the Council welcome the 6 August Communiqué issued by the Somali Roadmap Signatories, reaffirming their determination to end the Transition by 20 August. The Members of the Security Council reiterate their own determination that the Transition will end by 20 August.

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