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21 August 2013 - Syria - Remarks to the press by the President of the Security Council

María Cristina Perceval, Permanent Representative of Argentina to the UN and President of the Security Council for the month of August, speaks to journalists following an urgent closed-door briefing to the Council by Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson on the latest allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria.
New York - 21 August 2013 - UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

"At the request of members of the Council, the Security Council held an urgent meeting in consultation format in order to hear a briefing from the Secretariat regarding allegations on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The Council received a briefing by Deputy-Secretary-General Eliasson.

I can say that there is strong concern among Council members about the allegations and a general sense that there must be clarity on what happened and that the situation has to be followed carefully.

All Council members agree that any use of chemical weapons by any side under any circumstances is a violation of the international law.

There was also an agreement for a strong call for a cessation of hostilities and for a cease-fire.

The members of the Security Council also welcomed the determination of the Secretary-General to insure a thorough, impartial and prompt investigation.

The members of the Council underlined the need for immediate humanitarian assistance to the victims.

Finally the Security Council members expressed their condolences and sympathy for the victims and their families. "

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