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25 March 2013 - Central African Republic - Remarks to the press by Mr Gérard Araud, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

The situation is in Central African Republic a source of concern. Yesterday night there were plundering and violence in Bangui. The question is how to reinstate the constitutional order, which means how to go to elections as soon as possible. We are following the situation hour by hour. We will see whether the new self-proclaimed Head of State is ready to set elections. I was noticing that there was a positive element, which is that so far the government is still in place. It was a government of coalition, stemming from the Libreville agreement.

Q: Will there be a meeting this afternoon?

Yes, there will be a meeting this afternoon, to know what is happening, what the situation in Bangui is; what the prospects are.

Q: Do you think the press statement would be enough given, the dangerous situation?

On this crisis, the regional organization is on the front line. They have sponsored the Libreville agreement, they have been the mediators. You have the sub-regional organization, you also have the African Union. We are in contact with them to see what they want to do, what their intentions are. There is also the fact that apparently 12 or 13 South African soldiers have been killed. We also have to see with South Africa what their intentions are.

Q: Are French citizens safe?

We have soldiers on the ground for the protection of our citizens and also foreign citizens and, if necessary, for the UN people. So far, no decision has been taken for evacuation of foreign nationals.

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