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28 October 2009 - Guinea - Remarks to the press by Mr. Gérard Araud, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

The Presidential Declaration of today is important in a double manner. First, you know, it’s what we have said from the beginning, the crimes committed on 28 of September in Conakry should be punished. It’s a question of accountability and it’s important that the fact that not only the Secretary General has created a commission of inquiry but the Security Council has expressed its support to his decision. The second important element is what we are doing is in support, in cooperation at the request of the African regional and sub-regional organisations (the African Union and the ECOWAS). So, it really means that the UN, the Africans, we are working together against the massacres to punish the murderers but also to support a political solution to the crisis.

La Déclaration présidentielle par le Conseil de sécurité sur la Guinée est un évènement très important. Tout d’abord, il confirme l’engagement du Conseil de sécurité de ne pas permettre l’impunité, étant donné la gravité des massacres et des violences sexuelles dont ont été victimes les habitants de Conakry le 28 septembre. Et donc le Conseil de sécurité a exprimé son soutien à la décision du Secrétaire général de créer une commission d’enquête sur ces crimes et deuxièmement, nous faisons tout cela naturellement en soutien aux coopérations des organisations régionales africaines (l’Union africaine et la CEDEAO). C’est donc un travail commun du Conseil de sécurité mais à la demande même de nos amis africains.


Question: Iranians have vindicated that they would not like to shift their uranium in one batch. Would France be open to this idea?

We don’t have the official answer of the Iranians, so we have to wait for the official answer to see if Iranians accept the offer which has been presented to them.

Question: The SG says that to send a special Envoy to investigate the bombings in Baghdad he says he needs a UNSC mandate. What is your feeling on that? And also with regards to the Afghanistan bombing?

The President of the Republic had sent a letter to the Iraqi authorities. These bombings are horrendous, and they are obviously an attempt to strike at the Iraqi State. So, we are on the side of our Iraqi friends. As for the mission that you are referring to, I’m not sure it’s a mission of investigation. I think it’s for a fact-finding mission when Mr Taranco is back from Baghdad, we will expect to see what he is saying to the Secretary General and what the Security General will say to the Security Council.

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