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5 February 2010 - Afghanistan - Press statement by Gérard Araud, President of the UN Security Council

The members of the Security Council were grateful for the Secretary General’s briefing on his recent travels.

The members of the Council welcomed the holding in London on 28 January of the London Conference on Afghanistan, co-hosted by the Governments of Afghanistan and the United Kingdom and the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The members of the Council welcomed the London Conference communiqué, which has set a clear agenda and agreed priorities for the way ahead on Afghanistan, underpinned by a comprehensive strategy to be taken forward by the Government of Afghanistan with the support of the region and the international community.

The members of the Council voiced support for the priorities agreed to at the London Conference on Security, Governance and Economic Development, and Regional Co-operation/International Architecture, and encouraged their full implementation.

The members of the Council also noted the Regional Summit held on 26 January in Istanbul with the participation of neighbours of Afghanistan and some observers including the UN and other international and regional organisations, where a common vision of regional cooperation was set out and the neighbours have reaffirmed their strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of Afghanistan and of each other at the Summit’s concluding Statement.

The members of the Council underlined the leading role of UNAMA in the co-ordination of international civilian efforts in Afghanistan. They expressed their gratitude for Kai Eide’s outstanding contribution to UNAMA’s work, and looked forward to working with the Secretary General’s new Special Representative, Staffan Di Mistura.

The members of the Council looked forward to the conference to be held in Kabul later this year at which the Government of Afghanistan would take forward its programme with concrete plans for delivery for the Afghan people.

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