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7 January 2009 - Security Council - Consultations on the situation in Gaza - Stakeout by the Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations, H.E. Mr. Jean-Maurice Ripert

There was, as you know, a meeting of the Security Council on the situation in Gaza.

There was a common expression by all the members of serious concern about the humanitarian situation on the ground in Gaza. There was also a common expression of a willingness to cease all violence as soon as possible, and there was a common expression of willingness to work towards a unanimous position of the Security Council.

As you know very well, we have two texts now on the table of the Security Council: we have a draft resolution tabled by Libya and we have a draft Presidential Statement tabled by France, President of the Security Council.

There is no unanimity today on either of those texts, and because we want to go forward with a common approach, we have decided to continue our talks and our negotiations.

Thank you very much.

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