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28 October 2008 - Statement on resolutions " The Hague Code of Conduct against Ballistic Missile Proliferation " (L.38) by Mrs Sophie Moal-Makame

63th session of the United Nations General Assembly
First Committee
Statement by Mrs Sophie Moal-Makame, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva on behalf on the European Union


Mr. Chairman,

Like every year, EU Member States have co-sponsored this resolution and would like to underline the particular support that they bring to its message.

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) is a crucial instrument for nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation and the EU attaches the greatest importance to its entry into force the soonest possible. She is very pleased that the Bahamas, Barbados, Colombia and Malaysia have submitted their Treaty ratification instruments over the past year. It also welcomes its signature by Burundi, Irak and Oriental Timor and call upon these States to ratify it the soonest possible so that they become Member States. We have acknowledged, among other aspects, that the ministerial meeting on the CTBT held in September in New York has shown a new dynamic in favor of the Treaty. More generally, the EU continues to call upon all states, and more particularly States from the annex 2, to sign and ratify the Treaty without delay or conditions.

The EU pursues its undeterred action in favor of the Treaty and in support of the preparatory Commission of the CTBTO. It has adopted, the 15th of July of this year, a new joint action amounting to 2 316 000 euros in support of activities of verification and surveillance of the CTBTO and the Member States. Its objective aims notably to contribute to the development of the strengthening of detection capacities of "radionuclides" and to bring technical assistance to signatories States from Africa so that they can participate and fully contribute to the surveillance system planned by the Treaty.

Aware of what is at stake with the entry into force of the CTBT in the context of the next NPT Review Conference, it has also decided, internally, to seize all contact opportunities with States not yet member of the CTBT in order to move forward the cause of its universalization.

Moreover, EU calls upon all states parties to respect their financial commitments regarding the CTBTO. The effort must be maintained in order to allow the completion of the verification regime planned by the Treaty and assure its perfect credibility.

I thank you Mr. Chairman

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