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22 May 2009 - Security Council reform : Statement at the General Assembly by Mr. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

Exchange 1 : General nature, agenda, timing and frequency of any review or challenge

Mr. President,

The French delegation would like to thank you for organizing this meeting aimed at negotiating Security Council reform.

We believe that your letter of May 18 is a valuable contribution to these sensitive negotiations.

1. Today is a key milestone in the reform process

This second stage of our negotiations should provide an opportunity to advance our efforts and political will to achieve the objectives that were established by all of us in 2005.

We must make solid progress towards Security Council reform that will allow it to reflect the world today more effectively, but still retain the capacity to take the necessary action with regard to the international security issues that we face today.

This second phase should be both helpful and useful for breaking the unfortunate deadlock that exists.

Our position with regard to long-term Security Council reform is well known: We support permanent membership for Germany, Brazil, India and Japan. We also support increased representation by African countries on the Security Council, particularly among permanent members. The presence of an Arab country among the permanent members of the Security Council should also be considered.

With this in mind, we are ready, together with the United Kingdom, to look at an intermediate solution.

We must make progress and we hope that we can do so by quickly establishing the parameters for Security Council reform.

2. Mr. President, as you emphasized, the issue relating to the introduction of a review mechanism within the framework of Security Council reform should certainly be discussed.

In our opinion, such a review would depend on the type of reform to be implemented:

It could be useful in several ways:

- for trying out and testing solutions for improved representation within the Council,

- for assessing the effectiveness of new provisions that have been adopted

- for deciding on definitive action to be taken based on this assessment

At the same time, the reforms chosen must be long-term in nature.

We affirm our openness to such a mechanism.

3. We have therefore put forward an intermediate solution, which obviously includes a review mechanism, in order to advance to the initial phase of long-term reform.

If fundamental differences of opinion cannot currently be put aside in order to achieve long-term reform, we believe that an intermediate solution would be the best way to achieve Security Council reform.

I stress that our goal is to achieve lasting and effective Security Council reform.

We hope that these negotiations will make it possible to outline these reforms.

I would like to reaffirm our desire to move forward and to find, as quickly as possible, a simple and practical solution that will be accepted by most of us.

Thank you./.

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