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6 July 2010 - Security Council - Kosovo: Statement by Mr. Gérard Araud, Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

(UN translation)

I would like to thank Mr. Zannier and Mr. De Kermabon for the details that they have provided on the incident that occurred in Kosovo at the end of last week. I welcome the President of the Republic of Serbia. I also welcome the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo and thank him for his statement.

The explosion that happened on Friday morning in Mitrovica took one person’s life and injured several others. France condemns that act. We ask that the authorities do everything necessary to find those who were responsible and ensure that they are brought to justice.

As General De Kermabon explained to us, an inquiry is under way and it is still too early to draw conclusions about what happened. I welcome the professionalism and the efficiency shown by the Kosovo police and the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) at the time of such events. We call on all those who can respond in some way to cooperate with the Kosovo police and EULEX to enable them to successfully carry out their inquiry.

As serious and condemnable as that event may be, it is an isolated one. The situation in Kosovo remains stable, thanks in particular to the presence of EULEX and the efforts being made for several months by local authorities to engage the various communities in a constructive dialogue. In that regard, we welcome the fact that EULEX, acting strictly in accordance with resolution 1244 (1999), can continue to fully play its role. The vast majority of the population wants to live in peace, including in Mitrovica. The role of the international community and the parties directly involved must be to ensure that such incidents do not recur and that they are dealt with calmly and professionally so that the inhabitants of Kosovo can live the normal life to which they all aspire.

We believe that using such events politically should be avoided. That does not contribute to the peace. As we regularly do, we call on Serbs and Kosovars to renew dialogue and to focus their efforts on finding pragmatic solutions to the population’s real problems. The European Mission plays a key role in facilitating that dialogue, which I welcome. We hope that one day Serbia and Kosovo will both be part of the European Union. That future is being prepared today. We call on politicians to strive towards that goal on the basis of the realities, because only by acknowledging the realities will accession to the European Union be possible. Denial leads nowhere. We call on the parties to avoid that impasse.

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