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5 May 2009 - Security Council: Nepal - Statement by Mr. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations

(translated from French)

I thank Ms. Landgren for her briefing and in particular for the information that she provided on recent developments in Nepal. Those developments are worrisome. The current crisis between the Government and the Army, which has led to the resignation of Prime Minister Prachanda, is a subject of concern, and the risk posed to the entire peace process is not negligible. This is even more regrettable because we had recently seen some limited but real progress in the peace process — progress referred to in the report of the Secretary-General (S/2009/221). In that context, we believe that it is even more important that the Security Council send a signal to the Nepalese parties calling on them for compromise and cooperation to move the peace process forward. In that connection, we support the draft presidential statement submitted by the delegation of the United Kingdom.

We have taken note of the official Nepalese statements that the conditions are right for the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) to complete its mandate in June. We wish that that were so, but it seems a bit unrealistic to us, given the progress in the process of demobilizing Maoist ex-combatants and the current political crisis.

That being said, the Nepalese parties should be aware that UNMIN will not remain in Nepal forever. Those parties have requested United Nations support for the peace process, but they must shoulder their responsibility to move the process forward, in particular with regard to the reintegration of Maoist ex combatants.

We continue to hope that the Government’s commitment to finally release the minors held in Maoist camps will become a reality as soon as possible. The obstruction of that situation cannot be tolerated, as a solution should be technically feasible in the near future.

Finally, we remain prepared to support maintaining a lighter United Nations presence to support the peace process, in one way or another, if the Nepalese Government considers it useful.

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