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Peacekeeping operations budget for 2014/2015

Negotiated during the second segment of the resumed 68th session (May-June 2014), the initial budget of peacekeeping operations for the 2013/2014 biennum amounted to USD 7056 millions.

It brocks down as follows:

This table gives rise to two main comments :

- First, the 2014-2015 budget follows the trend observed in 2013-2014, with the decrease of several missions coming to an end (UNMIL,ONUCI, UNAMID, MINUSTAH, by contrast, the increase of recent missions (MINUSMA, launched in 2013, but also MINUSCA, fully operational starting 15th september 2014)
- Secondly, the 2014-2015 budget includes a substantial increase in the cost of troop repayments (fourth column in the table). Indeed, though it was set up on average to 1 101$ per man and per month, the General Assembly decided to increase that figure to 1132$ for the two budgets of the PKO to come.

However, this budget is window-dressing to a large extent since in the cases of UNAMID, MINUSCA, UNMISS, only the first semester was budgeted. Thus, including the budget of those three missions for the second semester, the final PKO budget for 2014-2015 should reach about $8.5 billion, representing a historical hight point.

For further information:

- SG Report on the 2013/2014 PKO budget and and the related report of the ACABQ

-  Resolution on the cross-cutting issues of the 2012/2013 budget

-  DPKO website

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