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11 January 2013 – Mali – Statement by the President of the Republic

Mali is dealing with terrorist elements from the north, whose brutality and fanaticism are now clear to the entire world.

The very existence of the friendly state of Mali is at stake, as is the security of its people and that of our citizens. There are 6,000 of them there.

I therefore responded, on behalf of France, to the request for assistance issued by Mali’s president, supported by the West African countries.

Consequently, the French armed forces lent their support this afternoon to the Malian units in order to fight against these terrorist elements.

This operation will continue as long as necessary.

I will keep the French people regularly informed of its progress. The ministries concerned – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the UN, since we are intervening within the framework of international law, and the Ministry of Defense – will also provide all the relevant information to the population.

Lastly, the matter will be put before Parliament on Monday.

The terrorists should know that France will always be there, not when its fundamental interests are involved, but when the rights of a population – the Malian people who want to live in a free and democratic country - are concerned.

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