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14 January 2013 - Central African Republic – Signing of a peace and ceasefire agreement in Libreville

Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

France welcomes the successful conclusion of the negotiations in Libreville between the parties in the Central African Republic, under the auspices of the Economic Community of Central African States. The three documents signed (ceasefire, statement of principle, political agreement) are the first steps toward a settlement likely to bring long-term stability to the Central African Republic.

France commends the critical mobilization of the Economic Community of Central African States, as well as the contribution made by the African Union and the UN. This joint action allowed dialogue to prevail. It also made it possible to define the conditions for a ceasefire and a comprehensive political settlement involving the presidential majority, the democratic opposition, the non-combatant movements, the Séléka coalition and civil society.

France urges all parties to implement the agreements concluded in good faith and without delay, especially the political agreement, under the supervision of the oversight committee tasked with monitoring its implementation. It is prepared to lend it its support, together with the international partners attached to the stability and development of this country.

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