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17 June 2013 - Syria / Resolution by the UN Human Rights Council

Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We welcome the resolution adopted on June 14 by the UN Human Rights Council on the increasingly tragic situation that is prevailing in Syria.

This text demands that immediate, free and unrestricted access to the Syrian territory be provided to the commission of inquiry on Syria, whose objectivity should not be called into question. It is up to the Damascus authorities to meet this requirement set forth by the international community and to fully cooperate with the commission of inquiry.

The resolution also denounces the presence of foreign combatants on Syrian territory, in particular those belonging to Hezbollah, which it deems to be a major obstacle to resolving the conflict and a threat to regional stability.

The violence against civilian populations must stop and there must be justice for the Syrian people for all the crimes that have been committed, regardless of the perpetrators. These are the international community’s requirements, strongly expressed through this resolution which, in this regard, reaffirms the possibility of referring the matter to the International Criminal Court.

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