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2 November 2010 - Nagoya - Report on the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biodiversity (10-30 October 2010) - Statement by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs’ Spokesperson

The 193 States Parties to the Convention on Biodiversity have adopted a set of texts aimed at renewing global cooperation with respect to nature conservation and the sustainable development of genetic resources.

This is the first major achievement of the international environmental negotiations since the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change 13 years ago. A few weeks ahead of the Cancun Conference and in preparation for the Rio plus 20 Summit, which will review progress with respect to the environment and sustainable development, this sends a very positive signal to all countries in the world.

Three key texts were thus adopted in Nagoya:

1. 18 years after the signing of the Convention on Biodiversity, its third goal is finally being put into practice: a legally binding protocol to implement rules governing access to genetic resources and the sharing of benefits arising from their utilization was adopted. Eagerly awaited by France, the Nagoya Protocol is an ambitious and balanced text which should enable us to combat "bio-piracy."

2. At the same time, a new strategy for implementing the Convention, aimed at preventing the loss of global biodiversity, was adopted. It notably includes components encouraging the States to incorporate the economic exploitation of biodiversity and the services provided by ecosystems into their policies.

3. Lastly, a road map for evaluating funding requirements and mobilizing financial resources enabling us to implement this strategy was adopted. On this occasion Chantal Jouanno announced, on behalf of France, major financing commitments in support of biodiversity.

The Conference also adopted a decision inviting the UN General Assembly to establish, as swiftly as possible, an intergovernmental group of experts on biodiversity changes - another priority for France.

On the sidelines of this conference, the French representation, which included deputies and representatives of civil society, participated in several parallel events, notably focusing on cities, oceans, and the economics of ecosystems.

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