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23 April 2013 - Attack on the French Embassy in Tripoli, Libya

Statements of French authorities
Statement of the Presidency of the Republic

The President utterly condemns this morning’s attack on the French Embassy in Tripoli, which injured two gendarmes in charge of the security of our diplomatic post.

The Head of State expresses to those injured his solidarity and his wishes for a speedy recovery. (…)

France expects the Libyan authorities to shed full light on this intolerable act so that its perpetrators can be identified and brought to justice. Through France, the act targets all those countries in the international community which are engaged in the fight against terrorism.

Statement by M. Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs

I utterly condemn the attack on the French Embassy in Tripoli, Libya, during which two French security staff were injured.

In coordination with the Libyan authorities, the state services will do everything in their power to elucidate the full circumstances of this heinous act and swiftly identify its perpetrators.

I express to the injured French staff my wishes for a full recovery, my solidarity and my deep sympathy.

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