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27 November 2012 - Syria - Vote on a UN General Assembly resolution

Statement by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokesperson
(Paris, 28 November 2012)

France welcomes the adoption yesterday by the UN General Assembly of the resolution on human rights in Syria.

The fact that 132 states voted in favor of the resolution reflects the international community’s mobilization against the atrocities in this country and underscores the Syrian regime’s isolation on the international stage, including within the Arab world since more than half of the member states of the Arab League co-sponsored this text.

This resolution calls for an end to the violence and condemns the serious human rights violations and mass violence perpetrated by the regime against Syria’s civilian population, including women, children and medical personnel. It condemns the use of heavy weapons and aerial bombardments by the regime. It reaffirms the importance of the fight against impunity of the perpetrators of crimes, especially crimes against humanity.

In the face of the deterioration in the humanitarian situation which is resulting in hundreds of thousands of displaced persons and refugees who are fleeing into neighboring countries, the General Assembly calls on the Syrian authorities to authorize access to their territory by the humanitarian organizations. It urges the donor countries to demonstrate solidarity with the Syrian people.

This resolution demonstrates once again the isolation of the Damascus regime which has lost all legitimacy in the eyes of the Syrian people as well as at the international level.

We urge all signatory countries of the resolution to recognize and support the Syrian National Coalition, which for France, as for an increasing number of member states, is the only legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

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