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28 April 2010 - Piracy - Adoption of resolution 1918 by the United Nations Security Council

Statement by the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

France welcomes the unanimous adoption by the Security Council, on the initiative of Russia, of resolution 1918 requesting the Secretary-General of the United Nations to present within three months a report on "possible options to further the aim of prosecuting and imprisoning those responsible for acts of piracy."

The indictment, detention and imprisonment of pirates apprehended within the framework of naval operations are critical with respect to strengthening the deterrent effect of anti-piracy efforts.

This is why, in parallel to the work being conducted by the Security Council, the foreign affairs ministers of the European Union discussed, at Bernard Kouchner’s request, at the Foreign Affairs Council meeting on April 26, the options for the transfer of pirates apprehended through operation Atalanta. Catherine Ashton stressed her intention to work with the countries of the region in order to improve and develop the current options for the transfer of pirates for prosecution.

In this respect, we pay tribute to the efforts of Kenya and the Seychelles to indict and imprison the apprehended pirates. We urge the States of the region, with a view to establishing a fair division of responsibilities, to commit themselves to these efforts.

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