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29 May 2010 - NPT Review Conference - Statement by Mr. Bernard Kouchner, French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference has just completed its work in New York.

France welcomes the Conference’s adoption of a final document that includes an ambitious road map designed to revive the dynamic of this treaty, which is so essential.

It is indeed a noteworthy result following our efforts on non-proliferation, disarmament, and the development of civilian nuclear energy. It is a positive result with respect to our collective security. It testifies to the international community’s attachment to the Treaty.

The action plans that were agreed upon enable the parties to the NPT to take an ambitious, concrete, balanced approach in the years to come. The texts could certainly, in our opinion, have been more incisive with respect to proliferation crises, particularly the Iranian crisis which is at the heart of the international community’s concerns. However they are the result of a compromise between the positions of the various delegations, and overall, they represent a positive result, which reaffirms the international community’s strong political will—that of seeking a more secure world.

Now it is time to act. By firmly responding to proliferation crises and by supporting the efforts of the IAEA and the Security Council to fight proliferation; by pursing concrete nuclear disarmament efforts; but also, as the Treaty invites us to do, in all other areas of disarmament; by cooperating on the responsible development of civilian nuclear energy.

With its European Union partners, France will continue working actively in all of these areas in the months and years to come./.

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