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29 November 2012 - Mali – Report by Ban Ki-moon

Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In accordance with the Security Council’s request in its resolution 2071, the UN Secretary-General has issued recommendations on ways to find a comprehensive solution to the Malian crisis.

This report falls within the framework of the three-pronged approach - comprising a political, humanitarian and military component - promoted by the Security Council in its resolutions 2056 and 2071. France supports this approach according to which the three components of the solution should move forward simultaneously.

At the political level, the Malian authorities, supported by the regional organizations and the international community, must establish as soon as possible a road map for the transition which will include the organization of elections, and initiate genuine dialogue with the non-terrorist rebel groups in northern Mali.

From a military perspective, as the UN Secretary-General underscores, urgent action is needed in order to help the Malian government reunite the country and put an end to the threat posed by AQIM to Mali, its neighbors and the entire international community.

As the Secretary-General notes, the strategic concept established by ECOWAS and endorsed by the African Union will serve as a point of reference for the Security Council’s consideration of the African request for the authorization of an international force under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. On this basis, France, in conjunction with all its partners, plans to propose a new resolution to respond to the Malian authorities’ request.

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