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31 March 2014 - Press release- Seminar co-chaired by France for the suspension of the right to veto in the event of mass crimes

At the general debate of the UN General Assembly in September 2013, French President François Hollande proposed a code of conduct aiming to ensure that Security Council permanent members voluntarily refrain from using their right to veto when the Security Council is required to make a decision regarding mass crimes. (Read his statement).

French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Laurent Fabius, made specific suggestions last october in an Op-Ed released internationally for the implementation of this proposal (Read the Op-Ed).

Today (AM), the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations, together with the Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein and the International Peace Institute (IPI), will be organizing a workshop at IPI gathering several international partners and NGOs in order to explore further possible ways to allow the implementation of this French initiative.

During a first session entitled, “Drafting a Code of Conduct,” participants wills discuss possible substantive elements of a code of conduct. The discussion will be initiated by H.E. Mr. Gérard Araud (France) and moderated by H.E. Mr. Christian Wenaweser (Liechtenstein).

During a second session, entitled “Strategies for Promoting a Code of Conduct,” participants will focus on ways the initiative can be carried forward, both in the context of the Security Council and the General Assembly. The discussion will be initiated by H.E. Mr. Bruno Stagno (Security Council Report) and moderated by H.E. Mr. Paul Seger (Switzerland).

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