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9 September 2010 - DRC - Security Council session on the rapes perpetrated in the eastern part of the country - Statement by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs’ Spokesperson

(Unofficial translation)

France expresses its extreme outrage at the mass rapes perpetrated in Walikale. It again very firmly condemns all of the violent acts that are still occurring in the eastern part of the DRC and calls for their cessation.

France has always worked to ensure the punishment and prevention of such crimes. It supports the ICC in the actions it has taken to deal with those responsible for these rapes. France has, since 2008, contributed to strengthening MONUSCO’s mandate with the aim of protecting the civilian populations; it is particularly attentive to the implementation of this component on the ground.

France supports the appeals by the Secretary-General and the Security Council for those responsible for these crimes to be actively sought out, tried and punished. It will support all initiatives taken in this direction. The DRC is primarily responsible for the criminal prosecution and the prevention of these acts, but the international community must also take responsibility and play a role.

In light of this, France welcomes the UNSG’s determination to conduct a rigorous and transparent assessment of MONUSCO’s failures and to address them.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has established an investigation structure and is planning, together with MONUSCO, to monitor the region of Walikale on a long-term basis.

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