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France/ Syria – UN Security Council meeting on Syria

Statement by the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign and European affairs

Paris, 1st February 2012

Mr. Alain Juppé travelled to New York on Tuesday, January 31, for a UN Security Council meeting on Syria.

The Ministre d’Etat undertook this initiative because the deteriorating situation has become extremely dangerous. The deepening crackdown and the legitimate anger of the civilian population mean that everything must be done to find a swift solution:

— The Damascus regime is turning a deaf ear to all appeals and has forged ahead with its criminal policy by deepening the crackdown and perpetrating the worst possible atrocities, including against children;

— Alongside the popular and peaceful mobilization which remains strong despite the violence of the crackdown, an armed resistance is developing, with the premise of possible civil war;

— The Arab League wants its plan to resolve the crisis to be endorsed by the Security Council; to that end, Morocco submitted a draft resolution on Friday, January 27, on behalf of the Arab League.

Given the urgency of the situation, France’s goal is to support the Arab League’s courageous action, to ensure that those members of the Security Council still opposed to this action shoulder their responsibilities, and to send a message of hope to the Syrian people.

Mr. Alain Juppé argued in favor of a resolution that unambiguously expresses the Security Council’s support for the Arab League: a peaceful political solution that satisfies the Syrian people’s legitimate demands for freedom and reform.

The negotiations will continue in New York today. They must be brought to a swift and successful conclusion.

The Ministre d’Etat’s presence at the Security Council underlined France’s unfailing commitment over the past several months to ensuring that the Security Council ends its shameful silence and condemns Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Mr. Alain Juppé was in New York yesterday in order to press his case and France will continue to be engaged in the name of freedom and in order to combat barbarity.

Q: In the face of Russia’s intransigence with respect to Syria, what options and what remedies remain available to the international community in order to stop this bloodshed and make Bashar al-Assad’s regime give in?

France has mobilized its efforts at the UN Security Council to bring an end to the violence because it refuses to accept that failure is inevitable.

All our efforts are now focused on New York.

You are aware of the decisions that have already been implemented with our EU partners in order to increase pressure on the Syrian regime.

You will have also noted our mobilization at the Human Rights Council in Geneva in order to condemn the atrocities perpetrated by Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

We are continuously consulting with our Arab League partners in order to support their initiatives to find a solution to the crisis in Syria.

We are engaging in frequent dialogue with the Syrian opposition in order to encourage their unification efforts and their efforts to establish a democratic and inclusive political platform.

France is convinced that the crackdown being imposed by the Syrian regime in Damascus is leading nowhere and that the popular mobilization in Syria will lead to a new victory in the Arab Spring movement.

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