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Human Rights Council resolution on Syria

Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Paris, 23 March 2012

After an initial resolution adopted as an emergency measure at the beginning of its session, the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva voiced its opinion for the second time, condemning the Damascus authorities for their policy of imposing a massive crackdown against the Syrian people and for the crimes against humanity being committed, demanding the cessation of violence and humanitarian access, and demanding the start of national political dialogue. The Council also decided to extend the mandate of the commission of inquiry on Syria, in light of the seriousness of the situation on the ground.

Following the Security Council’s presidential statement of March 21, this resolution, adopted by the Human Rights Council by an even stronger majority, represents another clear message from the United Nations to the Syrian regime, whose almost total international isolation is clear.

While the violence continues, the Damascus authorities must heed this message and immediately implement the international community’s demands, and notably the 6-point plan proposed by Mr. Kofi Annan, Joint UN and Arab League Special Envoy.

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