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Mali - International meeting in Bamako (19 October 2012)

Statement by the Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The crisis in Mali calls for urgent responses on the political, security, humanitarian and development fronts.

The meeting in Bamako is part of a process to mobilize efforts: It follows the unanimous adoption on Friday by the Security Council of resolution 2071 and the adoption on Monday by the EU Foreign Affairs Council of the conclusions on Mali.

Resolution 2071 urges the Malian authorities to engage in political dialogue with the non-terrorist rebel Malian groups and the representatives of the local population in northern Mali. It urges Mali’s partners to respond to the Malian authorities’ request for support. It requests the Secretary-General to present a report - notably in collaboration with ECOWAS and the African Union - on the basis of which the Security Council could authorize, within 45 days, the deployment of an African operation to Mali.

The Foreign Affairs Council conclusions allow us to envisage in practical terms how the EU could help train and restructure the Malian armed forces, by supporting the process of political dialogue in Mali.

We hope that this meeting will make it possible to strengthen coordination between all actors concerned: Mali, the regional actors, namely the African Union, ECOWAS, and the action of the international organizations.

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