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Middle East: UN Security Council Draft Resolution - Statement by Michèle Alliot-Marie, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs

18 February 2011

The Security Council did not succeed in reaching an agreement this evening on the draft resolution. I regret it.

France is tirelessly pursuing any means that might revive the peace process based on the agreed-upon fundamentals.

As President Sarkozy has said, Israel’s security will only be truly guaranteed when an independent, democratic and viable Palestinian State exists alongside it. Such a peace will come about through the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of both States, a border negotiated on the basis of the 1967 lines, and exchanges of territory making it possible to build two viable States.

The French position on Israeli settlement activity is unwavering. Settlement activity is illegal under international law. It must stop.

In this regard, I want to underscore the unity of the European Council members on this issue. The explanation of the vote issued today in New York with our British and German partners demonstrates this.

My commitment to working for peace in the Middle East will not falter. I had the opportunity to demonstrate this during my recent visit to the region.

I call on Palestinians and Israelis to restore direct negotiations immediately. Peace is possible today. The important thing is to create the conditions of trust needed for the parties to engage in negotiations. To this end, we support the definition of a precise framework for subsequent negotiations.

We expect the next Quartet to issue a clear statement on the means of pursuing negotiations in order to achieve a peaceful resolution on all final-status issues.

In June, France will host a second donors’ conference. It must be part of a political process whose objective is the proclamation of a Palestinian state before September 2011.

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