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Nonproliferation - Adoption of Resolution 1977 - Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Paris, 21 April 2011

France welcomes today’s unanimous adoption of Security Council Resolution 1977. This resolution renews the 1540 Committee’s mandate for 10 years.

The Council is thereby sending a clear message on the need for a long-term commitment by the international community to fight this threat to international peace and security.

Adopted under Chapter VII, SCR 1977 reiterates the obligation of States to adopt national mechanisms to control proliferation. To this end, it creates a group of experts to assist the 1540 Committee in ensuring implementation of the resolution and strengthening the Committee’s objectives with regard to helping States that are having difficulties with implementation.

In the coming weeks, France, which coordinates the 1540 Committee’s working group, will present a "National Action Plan for Assistance in Implementing 1540" and has also proposed holding a conference in Paris on this topic in conjunction with the UN Secretariat.

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