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Palestine’s admission to the UN - France’s position - Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Paris, 4 November 2011

On September 21st, speaking before the United Nations General Assembly, the President of the Republic presented France’s position regarding making progress towards peace in the Middle East. France has assumed its responsibilities by proposing a realistic solution allowing Palestine’s status to be elevated to that of a non-member observer state in the United Nations, in order to advance Palestine’s international existence with a view towards a two-state solution. This is why France supported Palestine’s request for admission to UNESCO.

While the region is experiencing upheaval, the legitimacy of the Palestinian aspiration for statehood is indisputable. However, the Palestinian request has no chance of success in the Security Council due, in particular, to the opposition expressed by the United States. France, through the President of the Republic’s words before the United Nations General Assembly on September 21st, warned the international community of the risks of confrontation and deadlock that such a scheme could create.

This is why, yesterday, during a Membership Committee meeting, France’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations stated that France would have no other option than to abstain in the Security Council.

In this context, France reiterates its proposal consisting of considering, at this stage, the status of non-member observer state for Palestine through a resolution in the United Nations General Assembly, which would constitute an additional step towards admission.

France reaffirms its attachment to a global, just, and sustainable solution for peace. Once again, we call upon the two parties to make all the necessary compromises in order to restart direct negotiations without delay – the only way to achieve the effective creation of a sovereign, viable Palestinian State living alongside Israel in peace and security on the basis of the 1967 lines with the approved exchange of territory. Such a state would naturally become a United Nations member immediately.

Lastly, France will also continue its commitment alongside the Palestinian Authority building, in the field, the economic and institutional foundations for the future Palestinian state.

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