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Statement with reference to the Friends of Yemen meeting (May 23, 2012)

Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Paris, 23 May 2012

France welcomes the holding of the Friends of Yemen ministerial meeting today in Riyadh, co-chaired by Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Yemen.

Just as Yemen is embarking on the journey toward political transition, having followed a courageous path, this meeting is an important milestone for the Yemeni authorities, as well as for the international community.

This meeting will provide an opportunity for the international community to express its full support for the process under way in Yemen. The many challenges facing the country and the resulting challenges for the entire region require a concerted, determined and comprehensive response that also addresses the political, security, economic and humanitarian issues, in collaboration with all countries of the region, in particular the GCC countries. This meeting will also provide an opportunity for the Yemeni authorities to present their initiatives and proposed reforms in the country’s key sectors.

France is fully committed to supporting the political transition and will play a full role in this meeting. France intends to contribute its fair share of international assistance, both in the area of democratic transition, notably inter-Yemeni reconciliation and the consolidation of national unity, as well as in the field of economic and social development and the restoration of security.

Within the framework of Yemen’s national dialogue which will soon be initiated and in keeping with our tradition of cooperation in the field of democratic governance, France will provide support to Yemen within the framework of constitutional and electoral law reform.

France also intends to stand alongside Yemen given the enormous humanitarian challenges it faces, notably in order to combat the malnutrition affecting this country.

In this context and in the same spirit of solidarity, France provides financial support to international organizations such as the WFP and UNESCO in order to deliver food supplements to 32,000 children. Also within this context, France, following yesterday’s appalling attack, wished to respond quickly by sending 5 seriously injured persons to our military hospital in Djibouti for treatment.

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