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Syria – Terror in Homs

Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Paris, 26 December 2011

France expresses its grave concern with the ongoing deterioration in the situation in Homs, where bombardment by military security forces left another dozen civilians dead yesterday, and at a time when the Bab Amro neighborhood remains under heavy weapons fire by the Syrian army.

While the crackdown has only grown more severe in Syria during recent weeks, the authorities in Damascus must imperatively—and in keeping with the Arab League’s plan—allow observers access as of this afternoon to the city of Homs, where the violence has been particularly bloody.

We reiterate that the deployment of observers is designed to show whether the Syrian government, in keeping with the commitment it made in accepting the Arab League plan, is ending the violence, releasing all political prisoners, sending the army back to its barracks and allowing journalists free access to Syrian territory.

The crackdown and the unprecedented violence perpetrated by the Damascus regime must stop, and everything must be done to end the tragedy that is taking place behind closed doors in the city of Homs.

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