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Syria - UN Human Rights Council

Statement by Mr. Laurent Fabius, the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Paris, 1st June 2012

At the request of a large number of countries outraged by the brutality of the Houla crime and the ongoing human rights violations in Syria, the Human Rights Council held an emergency session in Geneva.

During this meeting, representatives from around the world condemned in the strongest possible terms the horrific massacre in Houla, in particular of 49 children, as well as the continuation of the massive human rights violations in this country by the Damascus regime.

Today, the international community widely and strongly expressed their desire to condemn the brutality: 41 countries voted in Geneva in favor of the resolution that has just been adopted by the Human Rights Council while just three countries voted against this text.

This resolution clearly expresses the international community’s condemnation. It makes it clear that the Syrian authorities have failed to exercise their responsibility to protect the Syrian people. It calls for an immediate cessation of violation and for the respect of human rights by the Damascus authorities. It rejects any impunity for the civilian and military perpetrators of the massacre and crimes. It tasks the Commission of Inquiry on Syria with shedding full light on the Houla massacre and demands immediate access to the Syrian territory for its investigators. Lastly, the Human Rights Council demands immediate and full access for humanitarian assistance.

The international community will not remain silent in the face of the murder of the Syrian people by a dictatorship whose sole purpose is to ensure its own survival. The Syrian people must be heard. The Human Rights Council is where the moral conscience of humanity is expressed. Today’s resolution firmly expresses the international community’s solidarity with the Syrian people; it signals the international community’s unequivocal condemnation in the face of the ongoing crimes in Syria; it again reflects the increasing isolation of the Damascus regime, whose brutality can no longer be condoned.

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