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Yemen - Adoption of resolution 2014 - Statement by the Deputy Spokesperson of the Minsitry of Foreign and European Affairs

Paris, 21 October 2011 Retour à la table des matières

At a time when Yemen is facing the tragic effects of a crisis that has gone on for far too long, the Security Council has just unanimously adopted a resolution calling on the Yemeni president to immediately and unconditionally engage in a political transition on the basis of the Gulf Cooperative Council initiative. France applauds the fact that Security Council is condemning human rights violations and calling for the end of violence and the establishment of a political transition.

France calls on the Yemeni President to heed the international community’s strong message and to show that he is equal to his responsibilities by agreeing to immediately implement a peaceful transfer of power in order to respond to the aspirations of the Yemeni people and to permit the consolidation of a stable, secure, united, democratic Yemen.

France is also pleased that this matter remains before the Security Council and that it has asked the secretary-general for a report within 30 days of the resolution’s implementation.

France resolutely supports this latest sign of the Security Council’s support for the legitimate, democratic aspirations currently sweeping the region and hopes the Council will show the same determination with respect to other, similar crises under way.

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