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18 juillet 2012 - Déclaration à la presse du Conseil de sécurité sur le Liban

Security Council Members have been briefed by the Special Coordinator for Lebanon and the Under Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations following the report of the Secretary-General on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1701.

Security Council Members are encouraged by the stability that continues to prevail across the Blue Line and in UNIFIL’s area of operations, and urged the parties to continue working within the framework of the tripartite mechanism, in order to progress notably on the marking of the Blue line. They emphasized nonetheless the need to move forward on all outstanding issues in implementation of Security Council resolutions 1701, 1559 and other relevant Security Council resolutions.

Security Council Members welcomed President Suleiman’s initiative in reconvening the National Dialogue of Lebanon’s political leaders and the declarations adopted following the first two meetings, and looked forward to the continuation of this process. The commitment of the country’s leaders to safeguarding Lebanon from the impact of regional tensions at this difficult time is particularly important.

Security Council Members also welcomed the transfer on 11 July by the Government of Lebanon of its annual contribution to the budget of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and expressed their appreciation to the Government of Lebanon for its ongoing commitment to the work of the Tribunal, ending impunity for political assassinations, and upholding its international obligations.

Security Council Members expressed grave concern over repeated incidents of cross-border fire, incursions, abductions, and arms trafficking across the Lebanese-Syrian border as well as other border violations. They underlined the importance of full respect for Lebanon’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity and the authority of the Lebanese state in accordance with Security Council resolutions.

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