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15 Janvier 2009 - Situation à Gaza - Eléments pour la presse du Président du Conseil de Sécurité à l’issue des consultations

The Security Council has asked to be briefed and Assistant Secretary General Menkerios came and explained what happened.

There was a common expression by all the members of the Security Council on the grave concern we feel on the situation in the region, especially following the military operations that went under way this morning against hospitals, a building hosting journalists and of course the headquarters of UNRWA on the ground.

We are calling all parties to respect international humanitarian law, and especially to ensure the protection of civilians.

There was also a strong reaffirmation of our commitment to the expeditious implementation of the resolution 1860. We are saluting and are fully committed to helping and supporting the action of the Egyptian President towards the implementation of an immediate ceasefire and the implementation of the resolution. And of course we salute and we support the work of the Secretary General of the United Nations who is in the region and does its utmost to obtain a cease fire and the implementation of the resolution./.

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