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8 Janvier 2009 - Stake out de M. Bernard Kouchner, Ministre des Affaires étrangères et européennes à l’issue de l’adoption de la résolution 1860 du Conseil de sécurité

The Security Council has adopted resolution 1860 on the situation in Middle East. This resolution calls for an immediate and durable cease fire, calls for immediate humanitarian measures, condemns all violence and supports the ongoing efforts particularly the Egyptian’s efforts and involvement and initiative to define the necessary guarantees for a durable cease fire, particularly the fight against illicit trafficking in arms and re-opening of the crossing points in Gaza.

- Our hope is for the resolution to be heard in all the region, by everybody.

- We want this text to contribute to the success of the ongoing negotiations following the initiative of President Mubarak and President Sarkozy.

- It is within this view, with the only concern to enable an effective halt of combats, that we would have wished for a few more hours for the ongoing talks, particularly in Egypt.

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