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23 janvier 2006 - Liban - Application de la Résolution 1559 : Stake out de l’Ambassadeur

Réactions du Représentant Permanent de la France à l’issue d’une réunion sur l’application de la résolution 1559 concernant la situation au Liban, et suite à l’adoption, à l’unanimité,par le Conseil de sécurité d’une déclaration présidentielle.

The Security Council has just adopted a presidential statement on resolution 1559. In doing so the Council reiterates its commitment to the full implementation of the requirements of resolution 1559 and reaffirms once again the importance it attaches to the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon.

The presidential statement is fair and accurate and acknowledges the progress which has been made but at the same time it underlines that not all the requirements of resolution 1559 have been implemented. So it was important to adopt this presidential statement.

Q : In the statement you mention arms and personel crossing the Lebanese borders from Syria. What do you expect Syria to do on this particular issue ? Is there any time frame ?

A : There is no time frame in the presidential statement. However it is very clear that the Security Council unanimously has asked to stop these movements. We expect Syria will do what it has to do to stop these movements.

Q : France has argued that, as Hezbollah is a political party, the issue of its disarmament should be handled cautiously. Has this changed ?

A : We have not changed our position. We have always stated, and I have here stated, that all requirements of resolution 1559 had to be implemented. It means that the third one, disbanding and disarming of militias has to be implemented. But we have also always stated that this requirement should be implemented through a national dialogue. It is time to accelerate the process and the Security Council unanimously thinks that all requirements of Resolution 1559 must be implemented.

Q :Is there a deadline for that ?

A : What we want is new progress toward this goal. We will wait for M. Larsen’s report, two months and a half from now, We hope that there should be new progress in the implementation on this requirement. And we urge new progress.

Q : Some say this presidential statement is not necessary…

A : This presidential statement is necessary ! And, as I have told you, I am very satisfied that it has been adopted.Your question is probably why this presidential statement has been adopted today and not when the report was issued.Well, the reason is simple. When the report was issued, we had the report of Mr Mehlis. The agenda of the Security Council was overburdened. Together in the Council, we decided to give priority to the Mehlis report and to adopt a Presidential Statement on 1559 later on.

Q : What about the Lebanese presidential election ?

A : The presidential statement stated today that some requirements had been implemented and others had not been implemented. This one has not been implemented.

Q : Why do you think it was necessary now to help out Prime minister Siniora, especially in the dialogue he’s having with Hezbollah and other non lebanese militias ?

A : It is not new for us ! We have been supporting this idea of a dialogue between with Hezbollah and the Prime minister. It is important for the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon to have all Lebanese and non Lebanese militias in Lebanon disarmed and disbanded. We know that it is a complicated issue. This is why we have said that it should be done through a national dialogue. This national dialogue has started but it has to be accelerated. It is time, now that we have implemented a part of resolution 1559 to implement all requirements of resolution 1559. So, it is normal, when we adopt this presidential statement, to recall that this element has not been implemented at this stage.

Q :But Hezbollah has said that it will not disarm. Is this statement your answer to Hezbollah ?

A : Our answer has always been the same and there is nothing new in our position. It is a unanimous position of the Security Council : disarmament should be done, and should be done through a national dialogue./.

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