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19 mars 2012 - Syrie - Remarques à la presse de M. Gérard Araud, représentant permanent de la France auprès des Nations unies

(En anglais)

We circulated today the draft of a UNSC presidential statement. It’s the least controversial text that we could utter and I do hope it will be adopted tomorrow.

Q : Why wasn’t it adopted today ?

It’s such a sensitive topic that countries need instructions from their capitals. So we’ll have the first meeting at expert level only tomorrow morning. Considering the time difference, they will get their instructions only tomorrow.

Q : Did Annan request this support ?

Yes, Kofi Annan asks for the support of the Council. We were in touch with him, and he wanted to show that all the Council was behind him. And that’s the point of this text. Only to bring support to Koki Annan. It’s not the situation in Syria, which would be another topic.

Q : Why not a resolution ?

A presidential statement is easier to negotiate. If you enter in the negotiation of a resolution, it’s difficult not to have a lot of elements coming in and we would fall back into the same blocage we were facing. For us, it appeared easier to have a presidential statement, because we have to do it quickly. A resolution requires one or two weeks of negotiation and it would be meaningless since Kofi Annan asked for the UNSC support on Friday.

Q : Do you think Kofi Annan needs the support of the UNSC ?

Kofi Annan was asking for the support of the UNSC, so it means that he thinks that he needs our support.

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