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25 février 2010 - Soudan - Déclaration à la presse de M. Gérard Araud, Président du Conseil de sécurité

(en français et en anglais)

Déclaration à la presse du Président du Conseil de sécurité

" Les membres du Conseil de sécurité se sont félicités de l’Accord-cadre pour le règlement du conflit au Darfour signé le 23 février à Doha par le Gouvernement du Soudan et le Mouvement pour la justice et l’égalité.

Les membres du Conseil ont exhorté les parties à agir pour mettre en œuvre rapidement et complètement l’Accord pour une avancée importante en direction de la paix au Darfour. Ils ont en outre engagé toutes les autres parties au Darfour à rallier le processus de paix de Doha et l’Accord.

Les membres du Conseil ont rendu hommage à l’Emir de l’Etat du Qatar, Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa al-Thani et au Médiateur en chef conjoint Union africaine/ONU, M. Djibril Bassolé, pour leur contribution à ce processus. Ils ont également salué les efforts considérables que le Président tchadien Idriss Déby Itno et son gouvernement ont consentis pour faciliter la conclusion de cet accord. "

Press statement by the President of the UN Security Council

"The members of the Security Council welcomed the Framework Agreement for the Resolution of the Conflict in Darfur signed by the Government of Sudan and the Justice and Equality Movement on 23 February in Doha.

The members of the Security Council called on the parties to move to quickly implement the Agreement in full as an important step towards peace in Darfur. They further called on all other parties in Darfur to join the Doha peace process and the Agreement.

The members of the Security Council commended the Emir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani and the AU/UN Mediator, Mr Djibril Bassolé, for their contribution to this process. They also acknowledged the substantial efforts of Chadian President Idriss Déby Itno and his government in facilitating this accord."


Q : Could you tell us what France believes the implication of this Agreement could be in terms of a broader peace agreement in Darfur ?

For a long time now our Qatari friends and M. Bassolé have worked in Doha to try to bring an agreement between the rebels and the government of Sudan, and so to put an end to the slaughter that Darfur has suffered from for the last five years. The first element : it is a very substancial step that we owe to the State of Qatar and to M. Bassolé. Now again, we have to be prudent. This Agreement has to be implemented. So to help the implementation the State of Qatar has decided to finance development programs in Darfur because we know that there is no possible peace without development.

In the Agreement, we have also a deadline. Now we need a full agreement between the government of Sudan and the Movement which has to be signed in March, before the elections in Sudan. What we hope is to have a peaceful electoral process in Sudan in April. What we hope also is that the other parties to the conflict should follow this lead. It is a small light in the tunnel which was an awful tunnel. But we have to recognize it.

Q : You just mentioned that you want other groups to join in the process, and there is M. Abdel Wahid Nour living in France. What is France going to do to bring him also to the process ?

Frankly we have been trying for several years to convince this gentleman to join what was conducted, especially in Doha. We are still trying to convince him to join the movement. But the reality is what the people on the ground are doing. So we do hope that the people on the ground actually will believe that it is a good agreement. And again, I want to express our gratitude to the efforts of the Governement of Qatar.

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