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9 mai 2011 - Libye/Syrie - Remarques à la presse de M. Gérard Araud, président du Conseil de sécurité

(en anglais)

This afternoon we had a long meeting. First we heard the report by Mrs Amos on the humanitarian situation in Libya. This afternoon the consultations were mainly about precise questions on the status and the situation, about migrant workers, about people who are trapped in Misurata or elsewhere. It was mainly a technical debate. Afterwards we had some questions on the humanitarian situation in Syria and eventually we had a discussion about our next trip to Africa.

Q : Ambassador Churkin called upon you to distribute the letter by Mr Dodik, President of Republika of Srpska. What will you do ?

The rule in the Security Council is that the letters are given to the President of the Security Council by a member State. For the moment no member State has given me the letter by Mr Dodik. So this letter for me as President of the Security Council doesn’t have any legal existence.

Q : Can you talk about the consultations following the briefing today by Mrs Amos. In terms of what you said about the situation there, that civilians have not been protected.

I didn’t say that.

Q : … and in your national capacity of France, what do you think of Syria being on track to become a member of the UN Human Rights Council.

We have publicly considered that it was not the right moment for Syria to become a member of the Human Rights Council.

Q : Did you get any sufficient information from the Syrian…

We didn’t discussed Syria exactly because it was not on the agenda. We discussed the humanitarian situation in Syria, or more precisely the question was raised by OCHA about a humanitarian mission which should have been sent to Deraa. There was an agreement between the UN and the Syrian government to send a humanitarian mission to Deera. This mission should have gone to Deraa yesterday and at the last moment the Syrian authorities cancelled it. So the question was raised and Mrs Amos said that it has been cancelled without explanation and that she was hoping to send the mission in the coming days.

Q : Is Syria considering withdrawing their nomination at the Human Rights Council ?

We didn’t discussed the Human Rights Council candidacy. It is not a topic for the Security Council.

Q : (inaudible)

I think the humanitarian mission to Deraa is supported by all the members. But there was no political discussion about the situation in Syria whatsoever.

Q : On the trip, has Sudan agreed that the Security Council goes to Abyei ?

Sudan has agreed to the visit to Abyei. There is no problem. We are discussing the technical organisation i.e to which airport we are going.

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